299 rs only flower style casual men shirt long sleeve


Welcome to your comprehensive guide to one of the most trendy and affordable additions to your wardrobe: the 299 RS only flower style casual men’s shirt available at This piece is not just a garment; it’s a style statement that combines affordability with contemporary fashion. Throughout this guide, we’ll explore the various aspects of this shirt that make it a must-have in your casual wear collection. Overview has carved a niche in the competitive online retail market with its commitment to affordable fashion and quality. Launched several years ago, the platform has been dedicated to bringing the latest fashion trends within easy reach of the average consumer. What sets apart is its focus on customer satisfaction and trendy collections at pocket-friendly prices.

Product Features

The 299 RS flower style casual men’s shirt boasts numerous features that make it stand out. The shirt is crafted from a soft, breathable fabric ideal for the Indian climate. It features a vibrant floral pattern that exudes a casual yet fashionable vibe. The fabric’s quality ensures comfort without compromising on durability, making it a perfect pick for day-to-day wear.

Styling Tips

Styling this shirt can be a fun endeavor thanks to its versatile design. It pairs beautifully with both jeans and shorts, making it suitable for a variety of occasions from a casual day out to a more festive gathering. For a summer look, combine it with light-colored chinos and loafers, or for a winter style, layer it under a solid jacket.

Size and Fit Guide

This shirt comes in multiple sizes, from small to extra-large, ensuring a fit for every body type. It’s designed for a regular fit, which means it should comfortably suit most body shapes without being too tight or too loose. For the best fit, measure your chest and refer to the sizing chart provided on before making a purchase.

Price Comparison

When compared to similar shirts available in the market, this 299 RS shirt stands out not only in terms of style but also cost-effectiveness. Its price point is significantly lower than that of other brands offering similar floral designs, which often range above 500 RS.

Customer Reviews

The shirt has received numerous positive reviews for its style and quality. Customers appreciate its affordability and the comfort it offers. Some critical reviews mention the color fading after multiple washes, which is important feedback for potential buyers and the company.

Care and Maintenance

To maintain the vibrancy and texture of the shirt, it is recommended to wash it in cold water and air dry. Avoid using bleach and iron the shirt at a low temperature to prevent damage to the fabric.

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Fashion Trends

Floral prints are currently a hot trend in men’s fashion, and this shirt is a great way to incorporate that trend into your wardrobe. It reflects a blend of casual elegance and can be a part of various stylish ensembles.

E-commerce Shopping Tips

Shopping on is secure and user-friendly. Always ensure that your internet connection is secure when making online payments. Take advantage of customer reviews and detailed product descriptions before finalizing your purchase.

Return and Exchange Policies offers a straightforward return and exchange policy, allowing returns within 15 days of purchase if the product does not meet your expectations. Make sure to keep the product in its original condition and packaging.

Competitor Analysis

While there are numerous online retailers selling men’s casual shirts, excels due to its balance of quality, style, and price. This shirt is particularly competitive due to its unique design and affordability.

Sustainability Factor

The company is making strides toward sustainability by opting for eco-friendly materials and processes where possible, which is increasingly important to consumers today.

Seasonal Wear

While primarily suited for the warmer months, this shirt can be adapted for cooler weather by layering under sweaters or jackets, demonstrating its versatility.

Color Variants

The shirt is available in several color options, each featuring a distinct floral pattern that can cater to various personal style preferences.

Impact on Fashion Identity

Incorporating this shirt into your wardrobe can significantly enhance your fashion identity, providing a touch of playfulness and color that reflects a laid-back, stylish persona.

Photographic Lookbook

For visual inspiration, features a lookbook where the shirt is styled in multiple ways, providing real-life examples of how to wear it effectively.

Gift Options

Given its appeal and affordability, this shirt makes an excellent gift choice. It can be presented elegantly in a gift box available through the website.

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What payment methods are accepted on accepts various payment methods including credit/debit cards, net banking, and cash on delivery.

How long does delivery take?
Delivery usually takes between 3-7 business days, depending on your location.

Can the shirt be shipped internationally?
Currently, only ships within India.

What are the washing instructions for this shirt?
The shirt should be machine washed in cold water with similar colors and air dried.

Is there a warranty on the 299 RS only flower style casual men’s shirt?
While there is no warranty on the shirt, guarantees satisfaction with a return policy if unsatisfied.

How does the shirt fare after multiple washes?
The shirt holds up well if cared for properly, although some users note minor color fading after several washes.


The 299 RS only flower style casual men’s shirt from is a fantastic addition to any wardrobe, combining style, comfort, and affordability. With its vibrant pattern and versatile styling options, it is sure to be a favorite. Whether you’re updating your casual wear or shopping for a gift, this shirt is a stylish and sensible choice.

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