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Dumpster Rental for DIY Home Projects: Tips and Tricks for Homeowners in Phoenix

It’s easy to overlook waste management and removal when you’re planning a big home DIY project.

After all, dumpster doesn’t sound like a particularly complicated subject. What could possibly go wrong? As with any aspect of home projects, there are a few common mistakes or issues that cold arise.

However, with these tips and tricks, it’ll be smooth sailing for any dumpster rental Phoenix.

Rent the Best Size Dumpster

Dumpsters come in many different sizes and are measured in yards. Which size dumpster you’ll need will depend entirely on the scope of the work. Smaller projects, such as redoing a kitchen, might only need a 10-yard dumpster while a complete rehab will need something much bigger.

Take the advice of the dumpster rental company. Opting for the bigger bin will save you from overfill fees or paying for more than one pickup and delivery.

Get Quotes for Dumpster Rental in Phoenix

Never select a dumpster rental without getting quotes from at least two companies. Ideally, you’d speak three or more before deciding. Get as specific a quote as possible and ask detailed questions about weight limitations, extra fees added to the final invoice, and services included with the rental.

Getting a complete picture of rental rates and fees will get you the most for your money.

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Research the Companies

Don’t be swayed by rock-bottom prices. With a dumpster rental in Phoenix, it’s often cheap for a reason! Do thorough research into each company under consideration. Read reviews about their pickup and delivery process and customer service. Check for anyone complaining about hidden fees and other deceptive practices.

Consider how much help and advice the company gave you during the quote process. Companies that reply quickly and transparently to your questions about sizes and prices will provide a smoother rental process.

When the company presents you with the rental contract, read it closely. Check all terms and conditions carefully. This will help prevent additional fees and penalties down the road.

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Pick the Right Spot for Your Dumpster

Choosing the dumpster’s location is just as important as which company you selected to provide it. Space and accessibility will be determining factors in picking a spot.

You need 22 feet or more of clearance above the dumpster’s rim to avoid electrical cables or tree branches. The dumpster will need to sit on a surface strong enough to support its weight so it doesn’t sink into the ground. If you want to store your bin on the street, contact your local government and homeowners association about permit requirements or time restrictions.

Think about the pickup and delivery process. An ideal location won’t require the driver to pass through any locked gates or restricted roads. If those are unavoidable, make sure to schedule pickup and delivery when you’ll be able to be on-site.

Getting a dumpster for your next DIY home improvement is an excellent way to deal with the refuse and debris these projects inevitably generate. Keep these tips and tricks in mind when starting the process to save money and aggravation so you can have the smoothest experience possible.

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