Exploring the Actual Cost of iOS App Development

Developing an iOS app is a business decision and an opportunity to step in the right direction in a continuously evolving market. It is as simple as arranging a perfect tour, where proper planning is essential once the objective is set.

iOS app development costs

Learning about the Actual Cost of iOS App Development is essential in every project. Unsurprisingly, whether iOS app development alone saves costs is often asked. After all, you are “only” programming for one platform.

This assumption is understandable but only sometimes true. App programming – i.e., the purely technical tasks involved in implementation – is only one part of realizing an app idea. Developing any mobile app involves three major project phases:

  • Planning: clarify basics, define goals, develop concept
  • App Design: Define appearance and wording
  • Development: Perform programming and testing

The average cost of a basic iOS app should range from $5,000 to $50,000, while a more complex app can cost $100,000 or more. Determining the exact cost of the app depends on everything from the precise goal to the functions it will feature, as well as many other variables. This is something that many people misunderstand, and they feel that an iOS app should be cheaper than an Android app.

Another important consideration regarding iOS app development costs is that while the application can be developed for a sole platform, customers cannot access it, which impacts one’s expenses. If fewer users access the app, sales will be lower, and the app will, therefore, earn less money. In concrete terms, increased development costs can sometimes be amortized and offset against increased user numbers. 

iOS games application

Mobile game application development is a rather lengthy and intricate process – it takes 4 to 20 months to create a game application. The cost of developing a gaming app depends on its sophistication and the features that can be developed, ranging widely. Developing a mobile money service costs between $30,000 and $250,000. This wide range is due to features like graphics, playable mechanics, and a higher degree of interactivity and attraction to the game.

iOS Business applications

Business applications take less time to develop than gaming applications, which may take 2-10 months for a development project. The cost of developing a business app also varies greatly, mostly from five thousand five dollars to one hundred fifty thousand five hundred dollars. These apps help organize working processes, plan, and collaborate in a company, directly affecting the time and cost of application development.

iOS Education apps

Educational applications are very important for e-learning and training; it takes between 2 months to 1 year to develop the applications. The cost of developing an education app is mostly in the range of $10000 to $80000. The factors that influence the time and cost of development include multimedia which is an interactive media and friendly interfaces.

iOS Entertainment Apps

Fun and entertainment applications intended to entertain and occupy the user’s time require 3 to 15 months of development. The estimated cost of developing these applications ranges from $15,000 to $100,000. These apps typically imply complex multimedia content and captivating user interactions or engagements, affecting the time and effort needed to develop the application.

iOS Social Networking Apps

Social networking apps that enable users to connect and communicate often and form groups take 5 to 8 months to develop. The cost of creating a social networking application may range from $10,000 to $60,000. Features such as user interfaces, message boards, and document-sharing functionalities are some of the factors that make the development process expensive.

iOS Health and Fitness Apps

It is possible to create health and fitness applications to help the target audience maintain their physical and mental health within one to fifteen months. Development costs also differ greatly, ranging from $10,000 to $250,000 for varied additional options. Features also contain characteristics like activity tracking, workout plans, and wearable integrations, which affect development time and cost.

Apps for iOS vs. Android: That’s the difference

For the user, apps for iOS and Android differ primarily in the devices on which they run. Google’s Android is used regardless of manufacturer. This means the operating system is always the same whether on a Samsung tablet, HTC smartphone, or Huawei mobile device. Things are different with iOS. The iOS operating system only runs on Apple devices, i.e. on:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod

Therefore, the technology is characterized by a special manufacturer connection to Apple. This difference between the two platforms is the most obvious for most users.

There are occasionally small, barely noticeable differences in the app design. This is particularly noticeable when comparing an available app for both platforms. App design and wording are the same in Android and iOS, but sometimes, for example, the exact position of a button differs. This is often the case for technical reasons and is only noticeable in a direct comparison. Hence, getting help from iOS App Development Experts can help you greatly.


Be it a gaming app, a shopping app, or an application for marketing, communication, or learning, programming an app is essential to meet many requirements, such as app design or the right development environment and, in particular, the future user. 

The question always arises as to which operating system makes the most sense. This always depends on the app’s intended use and objectives. In most cases, parallel development for both platforms is more expensive than pure iOS app development costs – but this protects users from iOS and Android.

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