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Installation and Maintenance Tips for Waterproof Windows

Upgrading to waterproof windows brings benefits for your comfort and peace of mind. No more will you worry about leaks from cracked frames or warped sashes that damage your belongings and promote mould growth. Waterproof windows boast superior sealing and drainage systems, keeping your home dry and healthy.

However, incorrect installation and poor maintenance practices can compromise the water resistance of these designated waterproof aluminium windows, leading to water leaks, reduced energy efficiency, and potential damage to the windows and surrounding structures. You need to regularly inspect, properly install, and timely maintain them to ensure the effectiveness and longevity of water-resistant aluminium windows.

How Effective are Waterproof Windows?

Waterproof windows are specifically designed to protect your home from water damage, even in harsh weather conditions. The effectiveness of their water resistance depends on the following factors:

  • Sealing

High-quality gasket sealant creates a watertight barrier around the window frame, preventing leaks.

  • Drainage Systems

Integrated drainage channels ensure any water that enters the window cavity is efficiently directed outside.

  • Interlocking Sashes

Tight-fitting sashes with weatherstripping prevent water infiltration.

  • Material

Durable materials like aluminium resist corrosion and warping commonly associated with wooden windows exposed to moisture.

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Waterproof Windows: Installation and Maintenance Tips

To ensure that the waterproof aluminium windows for the house function at their best, it is essential to follow these installation and maintenance tips:

  1. Professional Installation

Investing in professional installation by a qualified window technician is highly recommended to ensure the window is properly sealed and functions correctly.

  1. Regular Inspection

It is essential to inspect the window seals periodically for cracks or damage. If you notice any damage, apply sealant as needed to maintain watertightness.

  1. Cleaning

Regularly cleaning the window frame and tracks to remove debris and prevent buildup that could hinder drainage is advised.

  1. Hardware Maintenance

Check and lubricate window hardware, such as hinges and locking mechanisms, to ensure smooth operation.

Where Can You Get the Most Effective and Efficient Aluminium Windows for Your House?

Eternia! This is because finding high-quality, waterproof aluminium windows is crucial. Whether it comes to quality, functionality, durability, or design, Eternia doesn’t leave any stone unturned. It has the best collection of aluminium windows for house designs that are wind, water, and air-resistant. This is substantiated by the WiWA certification that all of its products have.

Eternia has engineered a patent aluminium alloy, Duranium, to ensure unmatched durability. The unique gasket-based sealing mechanism and Cavity wedges provide superior sealing protection against water and dust seepage. While its two-way drainage system enhances protection, preventing rainwater from seeping in.

All its products have a 12-year and a 3-year warranty on profile and moving hardware, respectively. It is the only aluminium windows company to receive the IGBC GreenPro Ecolabel. Indian Green Building Code (IGBC) is India’s premium certification body. By choosing Eternia, you commit to a reduced carbon footprint and do your bit to become an aware consumer. All this with the best designs and colour combinations; what else does one ask for?

Summing up

Following these installation and maintenance tips and choosing the right windows from Eternia, you can create a comfortable and secure living space for years. Visit their website and explore the aluminium windows for home designs with the help of an Eternia professional.

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