Small Space Solutions: Adding Storage with an Under Desk Drawer

So, how can you organize your space so you can feel your best while also being productive? Ditch the coffee cup full of pens so you can declutter the top of your desk is a fantastic way. It’s incredible how well your brain can work when everything is clean and in order.

You don’t need to ditch your writing utensils though. Simply throw an under desk drawer onto your desk setup for convenience that’s also out of sight. There are several styling and size options that you can get, allowing you to get a drawer that’s good for your needs.

Let’s take a look at exactly how these little spaces can maximize your productivity abilities.

Match Your Current Desk Look With a Sleek Under Desk Drawer

You can find a little under the desk drawer that can really help you add space to your area and remove the extra stuff sitting on top of your desk. When you have a nice clean desk, you have the ability to start the task at hand right away. There’s no distractions for you to think about like how you might set up for the day. You have several color options as well as some variations in size.

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Lock Up When You Need to Keep Things a Bit More Secure

Did you know you can now find an under desk drawer that’s a mini lock box? Sure, you may not have a need to lock up your pencils and pens, but there are plenty of people who could use a little secure space for themselves. Although these secure drawers are not as pretty as the ones that are made to match, they are crucial if you need to keep things away from prying eyes.

Grab a Circular Drawer That Spins Out Instead of Rolls Out

There’s a really cool modification on the under desk drawer that has really put a spin on the traditional style. Half circular drawers stay neatly tucked under your desk. When you’re ready to use the times in storage, simply push one of the sides and the half circle will glide on out. They are a bit smaller than the standard rectangle drawer style, which is nice if you only need a little extra space and don’t want to sacrifice the areas for your legs.

Before Purchasing Make Sure There’s a Warranty on the Product

You’ll want to make sure your drawer carries at least a two year manufacturer warranty. This way if there’s any faulty piece, you can exchange it out for a replacement product. Every manufacturing company knows that even when producing a good product, sometimes some might leave the warehouse that aren’t up to par. This is your way of protecting your purchase.

Little Organization Spaces that Help Maximize Efficiency

Now you can see with a little thought you can come up with clever organization hacks to help you out as you’re working at your desk. With the different options available for an under desk drawer, you can really personalize your desk setup. A clean and decluttered area will help foster a positive environment for your brain. Definitely try it out and see how you feel!

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